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Mommies Got Wing

Ladies, this is super easy to do once you get the hang of the liquid liner, which is not easy at first. This look is perfect for a night out when you don't want to do too much, but want to take your day look to an evening look. Moms, this eye takes 7 minutes! Yes, 7 minutes! Totally doable while you are trying to get out of the house but the kids are just not leaving you alone. I deal with this every time I go out. Why do my kids need to be crawling on me, playing with my makeup, spilling my makeup and fighting over my makeup? Thats life with kids which is why you need your looks to be quick!

So how my eyes look, is how they looked all day. My brows were filled in, quickly and I have basic foundation on. I'm a mom, I don't have time to start fresh.

1) with an eyeshadow blend brush (wait whats that you ask? Its rounded, kind of wide and thick) I love using this to do my crease. For this look I used the Pure Colour Envy Palette from Estee Lauder. Its great for that natural contour look which is what we are going for. I take the medium matte brown and simply brush it back and forth from outer to inner eye.

2) Keep blending ladies!

3) Take the colour a little on to the outer part of your lid.


1) take a flat type of brush and add the lightest colour (which in this case had a little sheen to it, but you don't have to)

2) Apply the colour from the inner corner of your eye moving outwards covering your entire lid.

3) Blend! Go back and forth a couple times so you can't see the difference between the lid and crease.

hopefully your still with me mommies!

1) Use a precision brush, which is a smaller, more compact version of the blending brush we used for the crease.

2) Add a little of the light colour and the crease colour to your brush and lightly apply it along your lash line.

3) Blend, Blend, Blend!

Okay the fun part! Don't be discouraged if you don't get it the first, second or even third time. The more you do it, the easier it will be and the better it will look. You will also gage, depending on your eye, how think the line should be and how long the wing should extend.

1) I used NYX Collection Noir in Powdery Black. I like the small brush as it helps with precision, but feel free to use any liquid liner you would like.

2) Get as close to the lash line as you can, so you don't see any blank space.

3) Start at the inner corner of your eye and make tiny strokes along the lash line. When you get to the end, make a straight line slightly upward which will act as your base of your wing.

4) Then... follow that line, with one good sweep from inner to outer

5) When you get to the end connect that sweep to the tip of the wing

6) You will notice a gap in your wing, fill it in

Lastly, MASCARA! My favourite part.

1) Start as close to your water line and brush up. So many people make the mistake of just doing the tips. You get a natural lift if you get nice and close to that water line.

2) Start at the inner corner and work your way out. Do both the tops and then the extra on your brush, use for your bottom lashes.


How do you feel? I know it seems like a lot. I really tried to break it down for you. But keep at it and you will be able to do it in 7 minutes! PROMISE!

Good luck ladies.



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