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iPad Learning with KidloLand

I always ask my mom, "how did you guys survive three kids without iPads?" Her response: "We just did." However, iPads are a huge part of our lives. With that being said, I am always looking to keep their usage to a minimum as well as always looking for new and educational apps for my kids to try.

When KidloLand asked if I would be interested in trying their app, I said of course! One rule we have in our household is, no iPads at home! but, with such an amazing learning app, I have made some exceptions to our rule.

The kids are always excited for new apps so when they opened their iPads to find KidloLand Nursery Rhymes and Kids Games,

they were super excited.

The App is eye catching. Colourful and interactive with music and animations to keep the kids entertained. Right away, my 3 year old was digging in and was able to move from games, to activities and so much more. My 2 year old, was a little slower, but once he realized what happens when he touched certain buttons, he loved it. I found that I needed to take him to certain areas I thought he would enjoy the most so he wasn't overwhelmed, which I found helpful. Collins is loving the flashcards, I always find her there. She has also taken a huge liking to phonics which makes me so happy to see. Lennon is trying to master the puzzles and absolutely loves all the songs. With over 130 different nursery rhymes to choose from, it keeps him busy and entertained.

With over 1000 educational activities to choose from, I feel like the kids will never get bored of this app. I found with some educational apps, once my kids did the same puzzles over and over again and the same songs played, they got bored and I would end up deleting the app. With this app, the activities are always getting updated which as we all know, is key!

Another thing I noticed right away....NO ADS! Finally! It drives us crazy when apps are filled with ads. So we were very happy to see no ads wit our subscription. We are going to continue to explore this wonderful educational app and we hope you will too.

I'm so happy that I get to giveaway 1 FREE three month subscription to one lucky winner! All you have to do is comment on this post and follow me on instagram...its that easy! Winner will be chosen on Monday September 25! Goodluck!


*disclaimer: I was given a free, 3 month subscription of KidloLand , in return for my honest review of the app.


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