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Summer Fun with Little Tikes

School is almost out...and Summer will officially start. How are you all spending your summer? We have a little camp action happening but one thing I love about the summer is the lack of schedules. We plan on spending a lot of time outdoors playing and I have to let you know about some great outdoor toys from Little Tikes!

The kids love these fun toys. Perfect for a hot summer day. First off The Fun Zone Splash Face. Who doesn't like a good tug-of-war? Why not get soaked in the process? The kids had never played tug-of-war before so my hubby and I decided to demonstrate for them. They thought it was so funny when daddy got sprayed in the face. When it came to their turn, I don't know what they were expecting but it was definitely a shock when Collins got sprayed in the face. After the initial shock, they had so much fun! One thing to note, turn the water on very low as the spray is quite strong and directly in the face. Now when their friends come over, the first thing they want to do is play Splash Face. I think they like surprising their friends with a spray in the face. Its been a big hit in our backyard since we got it. Its for ages 4+ but my 3 year old easily plays with it. You can purchase it at Toys r Us, Indigo, Mastermind and Walmart for $59.99.

Then we have the Fun Zone Dual Twister! This was great for indoors as well as outdoors which in my books, is a win! The nice thing about the Dual Twister, is that you can actually play on it by yourself and still have fun. Lennon finished school before Collins so he was home with me a lot and let me tell you, he loved spinning himself. He would even put his stuffed animal on the other side which he found very hilarious.

Its very easy to set up and take outside to use as a water toy. Hook the hose up and turn on the water! Thats it! One mistake I made, I had the water turned on too high and kinda freaked the kids out...oops...#momfail. My kids just like the water on very low so its more of a fountain then a total soaker. That being said, we had friends over and their boys liked it full blast and had a blast getting soaked and spinning until they couldn't spin anymore. I will say, its very durable. You never know with some toys but the amount of use and spinning that we have been doing, I know this will be a toy that actually lasts which is is important. Its $69.99 and I think its worth it. They time the spend on it as well as the durable design, it will last you. Sold at Toys R Us , Walmart, Mastermind and Indigo.

My kids are set for endless backyard fun! And yours can be too!


Win this Little Tikes Fun Zone Dual Twister

All you have to do is head to my IG (@nikkiedenham) Follow me, like the pic and be sure to tag some friends you might think would be interested in one of these for their kids. Its that simple. Winner will be announced Monday June 25th at noon.

(Open to Canadian Residents ONLY) #partner

Good Luck!




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