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"Paris is Always a Good Idea" Audrey Hepburn

We absolutely love to travel and when our friends decided to move to Paris, we decided we had to go visit! What an incredible experience we had. Even today, Collins talks about her friends Perle and Oscar who live at the Eiffel Tower. She is obsessed with the Eiffel Tower. She always asks to go back and it makes me so happy to know she remembers our amazing family trip to Paris.

We were able to do way more than we thought with the kids. We took a day and headed to Versailles. Our whole plan was to time it with their naps and walk around while they napped in the stroller. To our surprise though, when we got there we found out there were no strollers allowed! Now we had two toddlers, missing their naps and we were about to walk through Versailles. I had a minor panic attack and then we just accepted it and went in. It was so not a stroller friendly place so thank god and it turned out that once we got out to the gardens, we were able to get our stroller back. phew! Kids napped while we walked the beautiful gardens of Versailles, enjoying a glass of wine. Highlight of the gardens, especially for the kids, was when we took a cute row boat out into the pond. Such a memorable experience for our family.

The kids simply just loved wandering around seeing new things and taking it all in. We weren't on any time schedule so we just took our time and didn't stress. We did a ton of walking. So make sure you have your walking shoes on when heading to Paris. We had our double wide stroller, but I will say Paris streets and sidewalks were not meant for wide strollers so if you are heading there with your family, bring your smallest stroller. Everyone there uses the yo-yo as its so petite. Restaurants are also tight so I will say that was always our struggle with the kids and the stroller. The Eiffel Tower was so great for the kids. Again, no strollers but they have made it very kid friendly and going on a weekday was a great call so we didn't have to deal with such large crowds. Oh and there's champagne at the top! CHEERS!

Night life was unreal there. We only had a couple nights without that kids and because we were staying with friends, they knew a babysitter which was super helpful. We would just put the kids to bed and head out and they never even knew we were gone. So sneaky!

Travel days like always, are tough but we took a night flight which helped so our kids did this:

We put them in their pyjamas right before boarding and once we got on, we let them wonder and press buttons to get that off their chests. Once we were up in the sky, we warmed their milk, turned on their sleep sheep that we brought and they were good to go. My youngest passed right out but Collins took a little extra snuggling and such but eventually she joined her bro.

We on the other hand, didn't get much sleep, but as long as they slept, we knew it would make our travels much much easier. If you are planning a trip to Paris with your family, but hesitant due to their age, just know that Paris is made for all ages. We spent lots of time shopping, discovering so many new and exciting parks which the kids loved and honestly just letting them take in their new surroundings is all you really have to do. Just be prepared to not stay on any schedule. There is no way you can see as much as we did without just going with the flow! Stress Free!



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