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Let Them Be Little

Sometimes, you need to just sit back and let them be little. Let them run wild, explore, get dirty and be loud!

With all the technology and toys, I am scared our kids won't grow up with wild, beautiful imaginations like we did as kids. I want them to be able to make up stories and play pretend without the help of "stuff". I have made sure that this summer as been full of outings. Being active, not only physically but mentally is so important for them.

We headed to Evergreen Brick Works which is just an open area with lots of nature and fun stuff to explore. No structure or schedule, just play and explore. Two Toddlers, no ipads, no toys (not even their favourite stuffed animals that they bring everywhere) , three hours later... and ZERO! How?

Everyday is different but I think my approach on this day, was different. I decided to go where they wanted to go, see what they wanted to see, play the games that THEY made was great. We had so much fun. Honestly, we didn't do much. But everything turned into a little game and every bridge we crossed my daughter pretended that a troll lived below and we had to do something silly to cross the bridge. Watched fish and turtles in a pond forever. Watching Lennon run back and forth trying to see where the turtle went. Pointing and screaming with excitement. I watched them make up stories and use sticks as magic wands. It put a smile on my face.

We were on no schedule which made every little part of it that much more fun for us. They ran back and forth on this one balcony for like 20 min. Not sure what was so exciting about it but they laughed and smiled the entire time. They had a little freedom which nowadays, we don't give our kids the freedom we used to have when we were little. I know times have changed, I get it, which is why I sat there, on a metal step, for ever! While they ran, I smiled and we were happy.

And of course, why wouldn't we stop and have an impromptu dance party?

One thing I love about Evergreen Brick Works is that its FREE. There are so many things you can do with your kids but it will cost you and when you try and give them as many fun experiences as possible, it gets expensive. So if you haven't been, you need to check it out. They have little markets on the weekend too which are so fun.

I would love to hear from you all. Where are some of your favourite places to take your kids? Or maybe... what were your favourite things to do as a child?



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