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Viva Mexico

We recently headed to Mexico for our yearly all-inclusive vacation with the family. We had our ups and downs, but overall...

it was a perfect little vacation.

Travel days were the worst. We have been many places with the kids before, but for some reason this time was by far the hardest. Our Lennon is 20 months and he was not having it. Didn't want to sleep, didn't want to be awake. Didn't want to eat, but was hungry. Didn't want to stand, didn't want to frustrating. The flight was full so moving around and stretching out legs just was not an option. As we all know, the lineups are the worst and it sent him over the edge. He was miserable which made us miserable. Nothing you can do really. I tried to laugh it off on the way there...but the way back, I was tired and exhausted and there was absolutely no laughing. Its interesting to me, they have a special stroller line for when you leave Toronto, but when returning and going through customs, no matter how loud kids was screaming, there was no special care. Which was uber annoying.

Our time there however, was much better. Beautiful weather and great hotel. We stayed at the Roylaton. The beach was okay...not very well groomed. There were quite a few pools, so we never got bored. Some of the pools however had this weird lip/step which made for very slippery conditions and not ideal for kids. We stuck to three pools that we found were perfect for our family. Did I mention for the first half of our trip, our kids decided to hate the sand? Yup, would not do the beach until the last two days. So because we are a family who normally sticks to the pools when away, here are the things we look for in a pool when at hotels:

1)Wide lip so kids can play in a shallow area

2)not too busy, not too loud

3)close enough to a washroom


4)very close to a bar! CHEERS!

5)find a great server and stick to them!

Compared to being in Canada, in the snow, it was amazing! No one got sick, thank god and kids were very manageable. We were one of those families who kept their kids up late so we could enjoy the night life a bit. Let's be honest, our latest night was probably 11pm but still we were one of those parents. It's not for everyone, but as long as our kids were still happy, we stayed out. It's not like we do it often, but its vacation and our schedule goes out the window on vacation. I didn't go all that way to spend my time in the hotel room, that's for sure. It worked out well during the days too, as our kids were so tired from being up late and the sun and pool action, they always ended up falling asleep on the loungers during the day. #WINNING ... one or two hours everyday that we could just lounge and relax. We all know, that vacation with kids is never all that relaxing. If it wasn't for the naps it would be a looooonnnggggg day.

When we got back, after our second horrible travel day experience, I swore I would never go away again...but the next day..I was already thinking about where to go next.

So we need to find new places to go...

Does anyone have any good recommendations for family resorts?



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