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Views, Beaches and Babies

Greece…we LOVE you so much.

Collins was about 10 months when we heading to Greece. It was such a magical place to see. The views are to die for!

We started in Santorini which was incredible. All we really did was walk around and take in the views, lay pool side and eat...a lot! One thing that we found about Santorini was that it wasn't very stroller friendly. Between the cobble stone and all the stairs, it made walking around with a baby in a stroller, a struggle. We embraced it as much as possible. If I were to do it again, a carrier would have been a way better option. Our reasoning for the stroller, was that we wanted Collins to be able to nap. Cobble stones however, made napping a little bumpy and non existent.

The beaches in Santorini were all stone and rock beaches. Collins was at the perfect age of putting everything in her mouth, so tiny rocks were my nightmare. Not to mention a choking hazard. Thank goodness for our amazing pool at our hotel. We stayed at the Majestic Hotel in Fira. It was perfect walking distance to town. I lived in my swim suit and light and flowing tops and dresses. Way to hot for anything too restricting and tight. Styling my crazy hair....not an option in Greece. It was "oh natural" for me!

Next, we headed to Mykonos. Totally different experience. Mykonos is more about the nightlife and shopping and town action, than it was about views and such like Santorini. Our hotel was nothing compared to our one in Santorini. The beach however...gorgeous! Our friends told us about a beach called Namos Beach, we spent a lot of time there. It was a little beach on its own attached to an amazing beach club. If you go to need to head to Namos beach. Not really a kid friendly place, but okay for babies as long as they aren't walking yet.

Overall, our trip was memorable. Two major milestones happened on this trip. Collins learned to walk, I was so proud, and baby #2 was made! Our little Lennon arrived 9 months later.

Oh the magic of Greece.



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